Tuesday, June 12, 2018


The landscape of the business marketplace is growing ever-more dynamic, and as consumers respond to the large-scale transition of products and services to cyberspace, the look, feel and content of your website is becoming your primary means Houston SEO of customer engagement. 
Advertising has been pretty much usurped by social media,  and search engine optimization. Out of all your other methods of promotion, these are probably what you should pay the most attention to in your website design.You should update your website regularly; and the time varies depending on what type of website you have. If your blog is the primary means of traffic, then keep in mind that every few days, your consumers expect updates and new additions - perhaps twice a week - to ensure that you are still connected to their needs.Alternatively, if your site website design incorporates social networks heavily, then the expected updates tend to be more frequent. Just think of how often, for example, people log on to Facebook to check their message stream; some of the more vigorously-engaged companies update their website every few days.As for website design, which entails an almost complete overhaul of your website template, you should consider doing this once every few years. This goes back to the dynamism of the web; as better programming scripts become available, HTML gets updated, JavaScript becomes more powerful and other web design-related technologies manifest, you run the risk of having an outdated design that underperforms relative to industry competitors. This, of course, means you eventually lose visitors. It's important to realize that, first and foremost, humans are visual creatures, and you have to  first attract traffic with website design, before you have a chance to draw it in with the strength of Dallas SEO your content. It's simply a fact of human nature that the most attractive door gets opened first.Updating the visual appeal of your website to keep pace with growing technology isn't just a visual thing; as time wears on and your company adds or takes away elements from its core set of tenets, the design you started with may no longer accurately reflect what your company stands for. Much like an office that has been occupied for several years, things need to be re-arranged to reflect changes in philosophy.Functionality is also a crucial reason for updating your website periodically. As technology progresses, your site will almost certainly load more slowly than competitors who've chosen to update. You can lose a percentage of visitors if graphics and text take too long to appear on the screen; especially as the bandwidth on your servers becomes used up. Patience, as they say, is a virtue that not many people have - with so much else to do in the day, they'll leave and check out another company offering similar products and services.The good thing about website design is that a complete overhaul of your system is rarely necessary. With so many professional templates available today, it can amount to just a few steps to speed up your load times, tweak your code and make it more graphically appealing. The options exist for complex changes and small ones; it depends completely on your vision.In many ways, the keys to your success in business are right at your fingertips - literally.
 They are the keys on your computer keyboard.Many people join Groups and Organizations in hopes affiliation will somehow help their careers, create a more visible Internet presence, or help them gain access to knowledge or people who can facilitate their success.The problem with joining a Group or Organization is you'll never get anything out of it if you don't participate.Even though a Group or Organization might have a large member population, it is an unfortunate reality that many Groups and Organizations actually have very low member participation.As an example, I was recently asked to speak about building an on-line Internet presence at a Chapter meeting of the British American Business Council (formerly known as the British American Chamber of Commerce). This is one of the oldest organizations around having been formed in the 1950s, and is the largest transatlantic business network, with chapters -- and 3,500 member companies -- based in more than 20 major business centers throughout North America and the United Kingdom.The local Chapter Director told me they have about 400 local members. I asked, "How many actually participate?" She responded, "Well typically about 30-40 will show up to a Chapter networking event, and the most Seo Consutant we've ever had show up at a Chapter event was about 100 members."Unfortunately many people find face-to-face meetings to be a bit intimidating from a social perspective.This can be true especially where someone's career doesn't necessarily cause them to interact with a lot of people they don't actually know on a regular basis.So how do you change this if you're one of those less participatory members I'm alluding to (or the Chairman of a Club or Organization with less than optimal member participation Get on your computer, and find out how to participate in your Group or Organization's on-line forums.If they don't have one, then ask the Chapter Chairman to start one. Tell them the organization could leverage the on-line forum in a way that would create more community amongst the membership and draw less participating members into more active but less socially intimidating participation than face to face meetings. As members start participating more on-line, they will be more inclined to participate off-line in face to face meetings where they will actually have the opportunity to meet members they've developed relationship with on-line. On-line forums would also bridge the gap between face-to-face events providing continuity to the membership community as well. And if you have the ability to do so, offer up your assistance as an administrator or moderator of the on-line forum. Just think of how many people you could build relationships with on line - through your keyboard - in that role!!If you want to leverage an existing on-line forum that can support creating a stronger membership community, Ecademy's Club capability is a great place to start a branded on-line forum for your Group or Organization.Ecademy will even set it up (for free) so you can charge a nominal fee for membership to make sure you're going to have enough chips & salsa for all the additional members that are going to show up for your next face-to-face off-line event if you choose.Ron Bates is an expert in mission critical retained executive search. He is a Managing Principal with the retained executive search firm Executive Advantage Group, Inc. He has delivered personal executive coaching projects to former SAP, E&Y, Oracle, and WorldCom Exec's responsible for multi-billion dollar business units, and co-founded a SEO Company in Toronto self guided job search oriented executive coaching process.

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The landscape of the business marketplace is growing ever-more dynamic, and as consumers respond to the large-scale transition of products ...